# Workspaces

DashKite Workspaces allow you to manage work across multiple teams. You can create workspaces, invite team members, and accept invites. You can also manage your workspaces and team members.

# Creating An Account

  1. Go to https://workspaces.dashkite.com.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Go to your email and find the welcome email.
  4. Click the link within the email.
  5. Return to the app and enter an account name.

Connect Screenshot
Connect Screenshot

# Creating A Workspace

You get a personal workspace by default. You can create dedicated workspaces for projects or organizational use. To create a workspace:

  1. Navigate to your home page.
  2. Select Create A Workspace.
  3. Enter the display name you want to give the workspace.
  4. Select Create.

Add Workspace Screenshot
Add Workspace Screenshot