# DB

DashKite DB is an easy to use database: you don’t need to do any installation or configuration. You can use it via a friendly Web application or via URLs that you can use with any No Code tool. You may also use DB programmatically, via tools like curl, our command-line interface, or our JavaScript client.

A database contains collections which, in turn, contain entries. Each entry consists of a key, which is how you reference a given entry, and its value. For example, we might have a films database, with collections for movies, people (actors, directors, and so on), and reviews. Or we might have a recipes database, with collections for individual recipes.

# Features

  • Zero installation or configuration
  • Easy-to-learn, fully-featured Web console
  • HTTP, JavaScript, and command-line interfaces
  • Queries, with indexing support

# Advantages

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Compatible with a wide range of third-party tools
  • Affordable